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CHT - is an innovative game created by Johnathan and GDCocos. This game has much more action than other games from this developer! This game also has an interesting plot, many endings, and the plot is influenced by you! In the story, you play as Daniel and engage in drug trafficking with your faithful comrade - Johnathan! Along the way, you'll have to endure a ton of challenges, such as the police, deal breakers, and being recruited by an entire cartel! This game will not leave you without vivid emotions!

Download CHT


CONFECTIONER - is a cool game created by Meowy, Discard_XD and Johnathan. In this game we play as a confectionery factory worker in Pripyat in 1986 - right before the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident. Every day we have to go to shift and carry out the plan, which is getting more and more every day. Also, after each shift, we can talk with colleagues and our friend - Victor. We will also survive the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant explosion and evacuation, so you won’t be left without drama ;) The game is gorgeous!



ODESSA - is a breakthrough game from CookieGames (Johnathan, GDCocos and Discard), in which you play as an investigator who needs to catch a criminal. You can travel to different places and back to the office. There are a LOT of endings in the game and finding them all will take you a lot of time. The game also uses ASCII graphics to diversify the gameplay with images. The game is quite long (especially for BC961), so it definitely won’t be boring!

Download ODESSA


UKRAINE - is a game created by Johnathan and GDCocos, which tells the story of a Russian scientist who gained access to Russia's nuclear arsenal and decided to use it to change the world forever. The game has several endings that are not always obvious. The game uses ASCII graphics for game art. The game is quite interesting.

Download UKRAINE


FOXTROT - is a game created by GDCocos. In this game we play as one of the workers who operates a conveyor belt and transports packages along it, for which he receives money. With money we can buy improvements that will bring us even more money. This is a “clicker” game, but we won’t just have to click the mouse, since all the controls are presented in the form of entering commands from the keyboard. The game is very addictive and interesting!

Download FOXTROT

You must change the file extension from .txt to .bc961 to run! I can't upload original resolution files due to neocities restrictions!