Empire of Cookies - at first it was a simple RP discord server, but then the economy and guilds were added, but due to the lack of rules, the guilds turned into political parties, some of which promoted communism, some Nazism, racism, genocide, etc., the server map was extensive, so the guilds constantly fought among themselves, did not allow newcomers to exist normally, and all the authorities were corrupt, after a whole year of skirmishes and the appearance of a bunch of new guilds, the server turned into hell, where there were constantly skirmishes between the Nazis and the Communists, the slave trade and other terrible things, and so the guild unions raided the local servers of other unions, and the power was held by the NNOC (Neo-Nazi Order of the Cookie) guild. At the moment, the asset is dead, and the RP is very rare. You can read the stories of rulers, flags, etc. yourself at this link:

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