Matchy's Kooky Cookies

Have fun protecting your precious cookies from grumpy cookie banditos. Engage in kooky tactics to save your stash without being too rude!
Link to Matchy's Kooky Cookies


COOKIES BAKERY is a GBStudio game that was made for the Secret Santa Jam, from leafthief for Dusk. The game can be played either in browser or downloaded as a Rom, to be played on the original Game Boy hardware or an emulator.

Draw Bake Cookies

It's a cookie baking simulator! Paint dough, bake, then put the icing on them.
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For All Cookies

An AI hijacks your PC, takes control of your mouse and tries to steal all your cookies! Use your epic hacking skills to defeat the evil AI!
Link to For All Cookies

The Cookie

It's midnight, and you want a snack. So, you go to the kitchen to get a cookie, but there's something wrong.
Link to The Cookie

Cookie Factory

Cool Cookie Factory worker simulator.
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